OK, so I am photographer, but why?

I believe that everyone deserves good photographs...

...not just professional models and people on the cover. Your wedding day is one of these special moments in your life when good photographs will make a difference. I find people thinking like me all over the world, no matter what country or culture, all my clients have one thing common, they value a good photography. After all, it's an investment that will grow value over time, so there is no place for compromise.

Contemporary wedding photo session influenced by the fashion industry with my second shooter and assistant

I spent over 20 years mastering my skills to become visual artist capable of providing the highest level of wedding photography services.

My formal education includes 5 years of studying IT (Multimedia and Artificial Intelligence), 2 years of Photography (Fashion and Corporate Photography) and 2 years of Psychology. I've been working in advertising as graphics designer before I've reached for a camera again (I got my first camera when I was a kid and photography was always my number one hobby since then). I have learned a product photography by myself - as a resourceful designer, I couldn’t cope with a poor quality of some images I’ve received from my clients to work with on commercial assignments. I knew I can do it better and I did. Then I have found that it was way too easy and photographing people is much more challenging and most rewarding, especially glamorous wedding photography.

Photography allowed me to slow down after these crazy years of work in a corporation as graphics and web designer, and multimedia content creator.

Having more time I decided to organise the knowledge of my favourite hobby and have returned to school to learn more about photography and fill the gaps. I developed new skills and experimented a lot, finding that fashion photography gives me an opportunity to work with the best specialists in the industry. And trust me, if you want to learn somethings valuable, learn from the best.

My dedication pays off and things have speed up again, and before I realised I was traveling around the world. I had the best job I could have imagined and I lived my dream.

I met a lot of wonderful people that I could learn from. I've visited beautiful places and experienced a lot of adventures, learned new languages and got to know other cultures. Finally, I got to UK where I've settled down and realised that now it's time to start giving back. There is no better reward for the photographer than a smile of a happy couple that just started their life together. And that's what I'm doing now professionally - giving smiles and preserving memories of those happy moments.

My name is Maciek (pronounced magic!) and I'm your new wedding photographer.

Today I live in Bristol with my beautiful model, two daughters and a dog named Kodak. I use all my skills to deliver high-quality wedding photography and luxury wedding experience: to make a nice engagement portraits, to design a wedding invitation and your own website, then to document and publish your wedding photographs in a custom mobile application easy to share with your friends and family, and a private (password protected) online gallery. I also design your wedding albums, one big for the couple and two smaller for your parents. I print a big canvas for you to hang above the chimney and a set of small gift prints for your guests to say “thank you”. I can become your trusted family photographer if you only share my love for a good photography.

There is much more I can do for you, but I don't want to reveal all my know-how to other photographers, so I would like to invite you to a free pre-wedding consultation where we could discuss all the details.

Bride like a model

Please remember that you don't have to be a professional model to look like one. I strongly believe that every couple deserves to look their best on their wedding. Let me use the magic of fashion tips and tricks on you to find your best angles and make stunning images that you would love to come back to later, again and again.

Unfortunately, if you worry more about your wedding decorations and flowers, catering and cake and you ignore photography as something marginal, I can't help you. Years of experience from fashion industry shows that best images are coming from collaboration, and I’m not interested in anything else but the best. But if you love photography like I do, I promise that after the wedding you end up with much more than just your wedding rings and memories, that will fade away over time. I will help you to preserve the memories of all these precious moments in the best possible way. The sky is the limit (literally with aerial photography). I mean, really, pop over and take a look.

For more information please visit my FAQ page where I answer a common question: “How do I choose the right photographer?” or go straight to the booking form to secure the date or to arrange a free pre-wedding consultation or call me on 0117 2140670.