How much does a wedding photographer cost?

Wedding photography cost depends on many factors including location. The average price for wedding photographer in Bristol, Bath and Portishead was a little over £1500 for the last 3 years. Couples who want to get great images are usually willing to spend more than average. For less than £1000 you’ll get a partial coverage or you may find someone new to the industry. You might be tempted to ask a friend or a family member who is an amateur photographer but first, you should ask yourself if it’s worth to take a risk by choosing someone inexperienced. You should also consider that it could be a lot of pressure for them to deliver.

I offer flexible payment options, to help you eliminate compromise and choose from the best wedding photography packages.

Is cheap wedding photography a bargain or a scam?

If you are looking for a stress free experience, avoid “spray-and-pray” or “weekend warrior” photographers, who work a regular job during the week and charge around £500 on the weekend. It may sound like a bargain but they don’t have time and skills to process your images. Remember that wedding photography industry is very competitive and that you usually get what you pay for. If you choose wrong, in few years your photographer may be out of business, but you are stuck with these photos for the rest of your life. To save yourself the trouble, read this F.A.Q. and ask your photographer about the portfolio, whether the album or prints, but not in the form of an online gallery that is relatively easy to fake. And don't skip pre-wedding consultation.

How much should I pay for the wedding photography?

The general rule is that wedding photography should account for between 10 and 20% of the total wedding budget, but that also depends on how much you value the highest quality of photography and an excellent experience on your wedding day. While flowers, wedding cake and decorations last for one day, wedding photography is an investment that will grow in value over time. I'm pleased to be able to accept a variety of payment options, to help you get what you really want.

I usually book only 30 weddings a year therefore I would recommend an early enquiry. A small deposit secures your date.

My all-inclusive wedding photography packages start from £1250, a whole day digital package from £800, and the engagement packages from £500. My pricing is tied to my suppliers' price lists and their special offers, which are subject to change, so I don't publish these details here. I also run some special offers from time to time and I'm happy to discuss this during a free consultation, where you can choose from my time based packages or á la carte menu.

Free consultation, Deposit and Payment options

After our free pre-wedding consultation, a small non-refundable booking fee is required to secure your wedding date. You can pay remaining ballance immediately or spread the payment into installments. Book early to take advantage of our interest free monthly payment plan and early booking discount.

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Invest in memories

I believe that photographs are only meaningful when we capture a moment that we can come back to later. Hiding your images in digital format somewhere on your hard drive is fine as a backup solution, but custom designed albums are a much better way to experience photography now and as time goes by.

You will find a wide scope of services on this page, ranging from shooting right through to publishing. It’s just a glimpse of what I can demonstrate to you in a free consultation where we can discuss all your wedding plans, needs and expectations.

Terms and Conditions

Wedding packages can be changed up until 30 days before the event, but upgrade options may be limited ie. second photographer could be already booked for a different event. Wedding Pixels should be notified of any changes of the wedding arrangements in writing. Our interest free monthly payment plan and early booking discount are subject to availability, entirely at our discretion. Non-custom products can be returned within 30 days of delivery, if they are in 'as new' condition with all original contents and packaging. Cancellation must be in writing and is possible at any time.

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wall decors: canvas, acrylic and museum paper fine art prints